Wedding Must-Do’s: These Tips Are for Your Guests

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Wedding planning takes time and money, lots and lots of money! We understand you want the day to be perfect. So, amid the planning craze, remember to consider your guests in every scenario.  Some will travel far to celebrate with you, so make it worth their while and create a special day for them too.  Here are a few things to consider…keeping your guests in mind.

Provide plenty of food and entertainment
The wait between ceremony and reception can seem awfully long to your guests, especially if there is a limited snack selection. If you plan to take newlywed, family, and wedding party photos during this window it is imperative that you provide your guests with plenty of delicious hors d’oeuvres.  Also provide upbeat music and a comfortable space to relax or move around and mingle. Background music provides positive energy and helps ease the wait for you arrive and the reception festivities to begin.

When organizing with the caterer, be sure you estimate correct portion sizes to comfortably fill your guests. Try to offer a variety of options for those with special dietary needs. You never want your guests to leave hungry!

Avoid awkward table placements
If you are creating a seating chart, try to place friends and family members together who are already acquainted. While some can make a friend anywhere and everywhere, others can find a table of strangers extremely daunting. If you run into a situation where is it hard to organize a seating chart, here are some tips.

Send a thank you note
When guests attend your wedding and bring you a gift, it is important that you recognize their efforts by sending a proper thank you. Whether the size of their gift is big or small, or even if you receive no gift at all, remember to let everyone know how grateful you are for their attendance. Try to talk to everyone at the reception and show gratitude.  If you are unsure of how to get started with thank you cards, here are some tips.

NEVER ask for money
Weddings are expensive. Honeymoons are expensive. This we understand, but it is inappropriate to ask your wedding guests for money under any circumstances. If by word of mouth your guests find out that money would be helpful, let them send it on their own accord. It is unacceptable to expect money or drop hints yourself that you want or need the extra cash. Instead, set up a proper registry for those who want to bring a gift. Here are tips for setting up your registry.